Welcome to Jenn Ross Designs!
Welcome to Jenn Ross Designs!
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About the Artist

Jenn Ross was born in northern Ohio and moved with her family to the Columbus area when she was five years old. She developed an interest in photography at an early age. By the time she entered secondary school, she'd learned to process 35mm black and white film and develop prints with an enlarger. When she entered college at the Ohio Institute of Photography in Kettering, she was already an accomplished photographer, winning dozens of awards for her images.

After a break from photography to raise her daughter and continue her education, Jenn discovered a passion for glass art. She joined a budding collective in Columbus, taking classes in fused, slumped, and flame-worked glass. It was while searching a bookstore for information on lamp-working and glass jewelry making that Jenn accidentally discovered polymer clay. Intrigued by the colors and versatility of polymer clay, comparisons to glass, stone, metals and plastics, costs and durability, Jenn bought some new tools, several blocks of polymer clay, and began experimenting with it at home. After a few weeks of getting to know the new medium, including color mixing and blending, cane building, and experimenting with curing and finishing techniques, she was hooked.

Twenty years later, Jenn continues to work with polymer clay as her primary medium, often incorporating inks, mica powders and paints. Her distinct and intricate millefiori techniques and finishing processes are recognized throughout the polymer clay community, captivating new and seasoned polymer clay artists alike. Jenn still works with cold and warm glass, and other mediums such as resin, metals, found objects, natural materials such as woods and gourds, and is slowly transitioning into a career as a full-time artist.

Jenn most recently graduated with honors from Kent State University with degrees in Legal and Integrative Studies. She fulfilled a longtime goal and dream, and became a patent agent in 2018, specializing in software, pharmaceutical and artistic protections. She enjoys travel, spending time with her daughter and friends, attending fairs, concerts and festivals, photography, writing, taking and teaching creative classes, industrial/metal/80's music, and goth culture. She shares a home in the Clintonville area of Columbus with her longtime friend and room mate Lee and six lovable cats. Jenn's beloved Pilar, who passed in 2019, is the inspiration for the Jenn Ross Designs logo.