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Welcome to Jenn Ross Designs!
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Vintage Renewed Polymer Clay Covered Susan Bates Crochet Hook jennrossdesigns.com
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Polymer Clay Embellished VINTAGE Crochet Hook - Susan Bates - Size D/3 - Flowers and Green Butterflies

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Beautiful handmade polymer clay covered VINTAGE Susan Bates crochet hook. Size D/3. Inline. Aluminum.

The handle of this hook has been covered in polymer clay and decorated with flowers and green butterflies. Each tiny flower has been individually constructed out of polymer clay using the millefiori caning technique. No stickers, decals, paints or inks are used. Once several layers of clay canes have been applied, the hook is cured, sanded smooth, buffed to a high sheen, and finished with several coats of gloss to enhance color and details. The result is a strong, durable, comfortable handle that will never chip or fade.

One size of the grip reads "Susan Bates" and the other side reads (from left to right) "SIZE 3 OR D".  The word "MADE" is above that line, and "USA" is below. The hook is in excellent condition with no visible wear or scratches.

Hook is complete and you will receive the one pictured here.

Brand: Susan Bates

Hook Material: Aluminum

Size: D/3

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